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To get the latest ITK source code, you must use git. If you do not have git installed, please install it from your package manager:

sudo apt-get install git 

Moreover, you will need to add the cmake user interface with :

sudo apt-get install cmake-curses-gui

Once done, you need to download ITK source code with this terminal command:

git clone

you will need to create a bin directory in the ITK directory:

$ mkdir bin

Change directory to the binary directory, and run the CMake configuration tool

$ cd bin
$ ccmake ..

Initially, you get the CMake interface with an "EMPTY CACHE" message. Press "c" to configure with default settings and then "g" to generate the Makefiles. (If the "g" command is not available, you may need to press "c" to configure again). This will also exit CMake if successful.

If it's still not work, just quit with "q" and retry a

$ ccmake ..

and press "g" if it appears, if not, "c" and then "g".

Then, run make to compile ITK

$ make -j4

The -j4 option will use parallel compilation if you have more than 1 processor. Compilation will take for a long time, even on a fast desktop (I have 4 processors, 16G of RAM and a 64 bit architecture). Once it finishes successfully you can install the files. Note that with the options above, the files will be installed to the same places where the Ubuntu package would put them.

$ sudo make install

Software Guide

If you need more support, feel free to consult the ITK Software Guide here :