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  • get list of authors to acknowledge
 git log --format="%an" <previous release>..HEAD | sort -u
  • get list of PRs merged since last release and use that to craft release notes
  • merge release branch into master (and don't delete it afterwards)
  • create an annonated tag and push it to origin
 git tag -a vx.y.0 -m "CDash vx.y.0"
 git push origin vx.y.0
  • go to GitHub, find the tag, make it a release and publish it (with notes / acknowledgements from above)
  • manually build/push docker image
 docker build -t kitware/cdash:vx.y.0 .
 docker push kitware/cdash:vx.y.0
  • email CDash mailing list to announce the new release
  • update CDash sites we maintain to run the new release