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Bender workflow tutorial Links to tutorial sections:

Load data -> 0:16
Merge labels -> 0:28
Generate bone surface -> 0:32
Generate skin surface -> 0:34
Armature/Rig -> 0:40
Volume skinning -> 0:50
Bone weights -> 0:55
Evaluate surface -> 1:00
Pose surface -> 1:06
Resample labelmap -> 1:15

Step by Step

Step 1: Download tutorial data

Select "File->Download Sample Data" in the menu. Select directory (with write access) and click the "Download data" button


Step 2: Load data

Go back to the Bender workflow module by clicking "Back" in the toolbar (or the "Bender" logo icon. Click the Volume folder button and select the downloaded "man-arm-2mm.mha" file Click the Colors folder button and select the downloaded "Tissues-v1.1.0.txt" file Validate the step by clicking "2/7 - Extract bones and skin"


Step 3: Generate bone and skin surface models

Click the "Merge labels" button


Click the "Generate bone model" button


Click the "Generate skin model" button


Validate the step by clicking "3/7 - Create armature (rigging)"

Step 4: Define rigging

Click "Select a Preset" and "Load armature from file" from the menu Select "man-arm-2mm-armature.vtk" file


Validate the step by clicking "4/7 - Skin armature to volume"

Step 5: Skinning

Click the "Skin volume" button


Validate the step by clicking "5/7 - Compute weights"

Step 6: Weights

Click the "Compute weights" button Click the "Evaluate surface weight" button


Validate the step by clicking "6/7 - Pose armature (posing)"

Step 7: Pose surface

Select Skin in the "Input surface" combobox


Validate the "7/7 - Pose labelmap (resampling)"

Step 8: Pose voxelized model

Click the "Pose Labelmap" button


Only the bone and skin labels are volume rendered, all the labels can be rendered if you clear the Label(s) line edit. The crop checkbox shows/hides the volume rendering cropping box