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Code Statistics



Statistics Bender 1.0.0 Bender 1.1.0
188 files changed, 40895 insertions(+)
66 files changed, 8053 insertions(+), 2792 deletions(-)
Number of commits per author
  298  Johan Andruejol
  157  Julien Finet
   11  Yuanxin Liu
    1  Jean-Christophe Fillion-Robin
   99  Julien Finet
   70  Johan Andruejol
Number of lines per author
 11054 Julien Finet
  5864 Johan Andruejol
  2097 Yuanxin Liu
 14101 Julien Finet
  7044 Johan Andruejol
  1832 Yuanxin Liu

Stats generated using the following commands:

  • Impact
git diff --stat sha1old sha1new
  • Number of commits per author
git shortlog -s -n sha1old..sha1new
  • Number of lines per author
git ls-files | egrep -v \.'png|gif|vtk|stl|jpeg|jpg|ico|nrrd|dcm|xml|gz|md5|nhdr|log|mrml|mha|s3ext|s4ext|raw|html|dox|mhd|pack|vtp|am|nii|JPG|exe|db|zip|svg|img|cache|kit|hdr|arm|icns' | grep -v CMake | grep -v Utilities | xargs -n1 -d'\n' -i git blame {} | perl -n -e '/\s\((.*?)\s[0-9]{4}/ && print "$1\n"' | sort -f | uniq -c -w3 | sort -r