Agenda&Status 120106

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Project Management

  • ITK 3.0 Release Completed
  • Schedule
    • Next release Feb 28 Release 3.2
    • Sorting out contributions from the Insight Journal (Huge backlog!!)
      • How to do it ?
      • A more dynamic database for tracking progress of papers ? (the Wiki is too manual)
      • Possible to use the Insight Journal with the new shepherd features.
        • Developers with CVS write access should request to be shepherds (after login, go to "My Profile" then "Update Toolkits Preferences")

Technical Topics

  • Copyright Darkness
    • New Wiki page for copyright transfer tracking
    • We heard back from IMSL. We informed about the removal of their copyrighted routines.
  • Issues with Loading Dynamic Libraries
    • Only on Mac ??
    • No tested !!
  • Dashboard Status