Agenda&Status 072806

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  • Updating ITK to require CMake 2.4
  • Supporting JPEG 2000 (Mathieu)
    • Adding compression options to th ImageIOBase object
  • Intel and TStreams
  • CMake CVS fixed bug with configuration of XCode and RTTI.
  • Dashboard Status
    • Code Coverage enabled in Zion
  • MICCAI Open Source Workshop
  • Changing rules for contributing code to ITK
    • Create a CVS Sandbox ?
    • Require a single review ?
  • Brad working on Thread Safety with VNL
    • Brad fixed the old FFT bug in VNL
  • Transform initialization issues
    • ScaleSkewVersorRigid3D, Polar decomposition code ready to be added. Should it be put as a service in the Rigid transform ?
  • Release schedule
    • End of September ? that will be on time for MICCAI (October 1) but not for IEEE-Viz. It may still be ok for school year in graduate schools.
    • We ran out of numbers: ITK 3.0 or ITK 2.10