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How to Join

You can teleport to this location by clicking on the following link:

More details at:

Project Management

Release Schedule


  • Experimenting with the ScienceSim grid, in order to host future ITK tcons
    • We can host regions in ScienceSim
    • Possibility of customizing the region content
    • Drawback: voice is not yet available in OpenSim (the server used in ScienceSim)
      • Recommendation is to use "teamspeak" software, for voice communication.

      • TeamSpeak clients can be downloaded from:
      • Install the client
        • From the File menu, select "Quick Connect"
          • In the field Server Address put:
          • In the field Nickname, put your real name
          • Ignore the login and passwords fields, they are optional.
          • Click on "Connect" at that point you will join the voice channel.
        • By default this application uses voice activation, go to the menu "Settings"
          • Sound Input/Output settings, and in the "Voice Activation" frame, move the slider between the "wisper" and "shout" level in order to select at what level of voice intensity the microphone will be activated.

To Join the "MedicalImaging00" Island in ScienceSim, follow the instructions in

In particular, set the following loginuri in your Second Life Client: -loginuri

Another option for void communication is


Technical Topics