Agenda&Status 022208

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Project Management

Technical Topics

  • .hdr/.img file format extensions map to 3 different interpretations in ITK. (Hans)
    • What should the correct version be?
IO that can write .hdr/.img files Orientation bytes in .hdr Analyze^TM Program can read ITK written files correctly ITK can read Analyze^TM written files correctly Files tagged as nifti compliant
niftiImageIO (2 file nifti) Quaternions 352 No N/A Yes
niftiImageIO ("Analyze") SPM Style 348 Only if transverse orientation Yes Yes
AnalyzeImageIO Mayo Clinic 348 Yes Yes No
    • Proposal:
      • 1. Place AnalyzeIO before niftiIO in reading/writing order
      • 2. Ensure that AnalyzeIO "CanRead" mechanism rejects files that are tagged as "Nifti Compliant"
      • 3. niftiImageIO Add member function that turn on/off the ability to recognize ".hdr/.img" extensions as valid for writing (Only useful when niftiImageIO is explicitly specified for writing.). Add member function to specifify which "2 file .hdr/.img" form should be used for writing (2 file nifti or Analyze).
      • 4. default niftiImageIO to not recognize ".hdr/.img" as valid for writing.
  • Improvements to MattesMutualInformation (Matt,Luis)
    • Removing the JointPDFDerivatives array
      • It used a 3D array of floats, of size : (Number of transform parameters) X (number of histogram bins)^2
  • Improving LevelSet filters to use image spacing (Luca)
    • Dealing with fudge factor

Bug Triage

  • Starting after: 4559