[vtkusers] create tetrahedral from a set of points using vtkDelaunay3D

Idayat Salako isalako1 at sheffield.ac.uk
Thu May 9 15:35:04 EDT 2019

How do I create tetrahedral from a set of points using vtkDelaunay3D? This
is what I have come up with so far.

vtkDelaunay3D* getDelaunayTets; // create instance of vtkDelaunay3D
vtkPoints* points;
    points=vtkPoints::New(); // initialise points (online example - not
clear from doc)
    points->InsertNextPoint(0,0,1); // insert points (online example - not
sure if points r added)

vtkUnstructuredGrid* Mesh;  vtkIdType id; double x[3]; vtkIdList*
getDelaunayTets->InsertPoint(Mesh, points, id, x, holeTetras);

I get an initialisation error for holeTetras and I am not sure how to
initialise holeTetras.

Thank you
Idayat Salako

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