[vtkusers] Feature edges extraction with associated dihedral angle

Guillaume Jacquenot guillaume.jacquenot at gmail.com
Fri Mar 1 17:59:39 EST 2019

Dear VTK users,

I am working with a vtkPolyData made of triangles.

I would like to identify the feature edges WITH:

- the two associated triangle indices to store their normals
- the corresponding dihedral angle.

These results could be respectively CellData vectors and scalar of
vtkFeatureEdge output, for example.

1) Using vtkFeatureEdge returns a new vtkPolyData with no link with
original triangles. Do I have to iterate over points of the generated
vtkFeatureEdge to find the closest triangle on vtkPolyData. But it does not
seem smart at all.

2) Rewrite vtkFeatureEdge class with only FeatureEdges=1 seems possible.
But is there a smarter solution?

3) Can vtkPolyDataNormals brings a smarter answer?

Thanks you for reading and your future answer!

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