[vtkusers] can not open vtkpython and import vtk

Franks masterwangzx at gmail.com
Fri Jan 18 04:35:06 EST 2019

Hi list:

I meet some problems in VTK-8.2.0.rc2 with python3.7 in linux(manjaro). When
I build the vtk, I set vtkWrapperPython true and specify the version of the
python is 3.7. I install the vtk in default path(/usr/local). So its bin and
lib path has already been added in environmental variable. I have the
following problem.

1. can not open vtkpythonBut the/libvtkWrappingPython37Core-8.2.so.1/ is in
/usr/local/lib64, and /usr/local/lib64 has already been added in
environmental variable.

2. can not import vtk

I add site-packages in PYTHONPATH.But the console still report an error
I am looking forward to your help.

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