[vtkusers] Create PolyData in vtk.js

marf marvin.huber at basf.com
Mon Jul 30 07:33:33 EDT 2018

Thanks again, I previously tried filtering out duplicate faces and found an
efficient way to do it with hashes. Even though I can now half the number of
faces for my model, it will render as thought there are inner faces present:


Whereas, when looked at it from another angle you can clearly see, there are
no more inner faces present (which also HAS to be the case, since I slim
down the amount of rendered faces from 38.000 to 20.000 without effecting
the outer surface)


Do you have any idea whats going on there? I apply a scalar to the polydata
and then color it using a vtkLookupTable and that works perfectly otherwise.
Also, the scalardata is per point, and since every point is on the surface
in my case, the should not change with changing faces right?

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