[vtkusers] VTK data visualisation from STL file (using PYTHON 3)

Adam Turner adam.turner93 at icloud.com
Sat Jul 28 05:26:24 EDT 2018

Good morning,

I'm new to VTK and trying to use it to create a visualisation on a 3D 
model. I have my model saved as an STL file and successfully been able 
to import that into my Python Script and render it on screen. However, 
it is several steps short of where I need my visualisation to be.  
Please could someone help me achieve the following?

1. I need to assign colours to specific locations on the Model, which 
will be represent pressure data from sensors on the real object.

2. I need to then interpolate between these specific locations to 
display a complete visualisation across the model.

3. Finally I need a colour scale to help the user know what the colours 
represent, namely what the values at min and max are and what colour 
represents those values.

I really hope someone is able to lend their assistance or can point me 
to an existing tutorial! I don't seem to be able to find one.

Thank you for your time in advance,


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