[vtkusers] VTK 8.1.0 wheels on pypi

Paul Korir pkorir at ebi.ac.uk
Thu Jul 26 11:37:13 EDT 2018

Dear Prabhu,

Big favour to ask: could you build wheels for running VTK headless i.e. 
offscreen rendering? I think the option to support this is 

That would be a very big help. I've seen loads of queries on how to do 
this but almost no clear solutions.

Then running VTK in headless mode would be as simple as first doing:

pip install vtk-headless

... then you're off to the races!

Paul K. Korir, PhD
Scientific Programmer

On 31/01/2018 18:48, Prabhu Ramachandran wrote:
> Hi all,
> Just a small announcement that we now have VTK-8.1.0 wheels available 
> on pypi (for OSX, Linux, and Windows). Installing VTK (on a 64 bit 
> OS), is now as simple as:
>  $ pip install vtk
> More details are available here:
> http://prabhuramachandran.blogspot.in/2018/01/vtk-810-wheels-for-all-platforms-on-pypi.html
> Many thanks to all the folks who made this happen!
> cheers,
> Prabhu
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