[vtkusers] vtk.js image volume issues

Richard Frank rickfrank at me.com
Fri Jul 20 16:28:01 EDT 2018




I'm creating a simple volume from vtkImageData using vtk.js.


I create an empty 3d vtkImageData and set it up with a mapper and actor, and
add it to the renderer.


I create a transfer function that has 0 = blue, 100 = red, 1000 = green.


I'm trying to set pixels directly in the volume.


There's two problems - 


The first is that when I click anywhere on the screen the volume
disappears.it shows on the first render call.


I have a button that is used to trigger the voxel setting. This seems to
work only on the first slice of voxels, and the rest seem to not "stick".

Regardless, however, the render call makes the volume disappear.


My code is here:




and can be built with the installation instructions like the other examples
(this was cribbed from an example).


Anyone have any suggestions as to why the volume disappears, and / or ways
to debug this?









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