[vtkusers] QVTKOpenGLWidget and Qt's dynamic selection of OpenGL backend in Qt

Oleg Gubanov oleg.gubanov at gmail.com
Thu Jul 19 11:56:00 EDT 2018


Since version 5.4, Qt applications based on class `QOpenGLWidget` select
OpenGL dynamically at runtime: in addition to using actual OpenGL
implementation, Qt may choose software rendering or even translate
OpenGL API calls to DirectX calls. This choice can be manually
overridden by setting environment variable `QT_OPENGL=software` or
`QT_OPENGL=angle`. For details, please see

Considering that Qt's class `QOpenGLWidget` is used by VTK's class
`QVKTOpenGLWidget`, how does the latter class account for Qt's switch to
`software` and `angle` OpenGL backends?

Does VTK provide an OpenGL abstraction layer similar to Qt's? Does
`QVTKOpenGLWidget` direct OpenGL calls to `QOpenGLFunctions`, taking
advantage of Qt's dynamic selection of OpenGL backend? If no, are there
any plans to go in that direction?

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