[vtkusers] How to run VTK with display driver supporting OpenGL version < 3.0

Shawn Waldon shawn.waldon at kitware.com
Wed Jul 18 09:34:45 EDT 2018

Hi Jay,

It is a bit confusing I agree.  OpenGL2 should really be named OpenGLNew or
something like that, the 2 just means it is the second OpenGL-based
backend.  The minimum version supported with the "OpenGL2" backend is
OpenGL 3.2.  So for your hardware, you are limited to the "OpenGL"
backend.  Unless you compile with Mesa as your GL driver and use software
rendering to get the newer OpenGL standard for the "OpenGL2" backend.  It
will probably be slower, but will let you use features of the newer backend
(or newer VTK versions) if you need them.


On Wed, Jul 18, 2018 at 4:51 AM, Jay <jayavardhanravi at outlook.com> wrote:

> I am trying to run VTK on a hardware platform which doesn't support OpenGL
> version  3.0 or higher (display driver).
> I tried to test the VTK 8.1.1 build with VTK_RENDERING_BACKEND = OpenGL2
> but
> the application crashes with OpenGL error which I suspect to be related to
> OpenGL. So I went back and tried to build the VTK 8.1.1 with
> VTK_RENDERINZG_BACKEND = OpenGL but failed to make & build as it says that
> the VTK 8.1.1 doesn't support OPENGL anymore.
> So I moved back to VTK 7.1.1 and was able to build with both options
> OpenGL2
> I was confused to about what VTK_RENDERING_BACKEND means i.e. difference
> between OpenGL2 and OpenGL options. Is it the versions ? If so how do I
> know
> which versions are supported by OpenGL2 and OpenGL
> How can I know which versions of VTK would be able to run on the hardware
> platform with display drivers having support for OpenGL version less than
> 3.0 (OpenGL <v3.0)
> Please kindly suggest
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