[vtkusers] How to run VTK with display driver supporting OpenGL version < 3.0

Jay jayavardhanravi at outlook.com
Wed Jul 18 04:51:02 EDT 2018

I am trying to run VTK on a hardware platform which doesn't support OpenGL
version  3.0 or higher (display driver).
I tried to test the VTK 8.1.1 build with VTK_RENDERING_BACKEND = OpenGL2 but
the application crashes with OpenGL error which I suspect to be related to
OpenGL. So I went back and tried to build the VTK 8.1.1 with
VTK_RENDERINZG_BACKEND = OpenGL but failed to make & build as it says that
the VTK 8.1.1 doesn't support OPENGL anymore.

So I moved back to VTK 7.1.1 and was able to build with both options OpenGL2

I was confused to about what VTK_RENDERING_BACKEND means i.e. difference
between OpenGL2 and OpenGL options. Is it the versions ? If so how do I know
which versions are supported by OpenGL2 and OpenGL 

How can I know which versions of VTK would be able to run on the hardware
platform with display drivers having support for OpenGL version less than
3.0 (OpenGL <v3.0)

Please kindly suggest

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