[vtkusers] Trouble using VTK Widget with QVTK

kenichiro yoshimi rccm.kyoshimi at gmail.com
Tue Jul 10 03:26:05 EDT 2018


The solution may be to move the declaration of the vtkContourWidget to
a member of MainWindow class according to the link below:

2018年7月9日(月) 22:56 andyjk <andrewkeeling at hotmail.com>:
> Thanks
> I have tried this but it made no difference.
> There just seems to be no way to set a new custom iterator in a
> QVTKOpenGLWidget  (or a QVTKWidget).
> I think the issue is that I can grab the existing iterator, from the QWidget
> but it has already been initialised, so any custom interactor that requires
> setting up prior to initialisation fails.
> The only solution if you want to use a contour widget and pointplacer, is to
> use a normal VTK window as a pop-up. It looks like it cannot be displayed
> inside QT which is a shame as this spoils the look of the UI.
> Not sure this is a bug, just a lack of functionality. We need a way to be
> able to insert our own (new) interactor into a QVTKOpenGLWidget, which
> completely replaces the widgets existing iterator. I think at the moment
> they clash.
> I've tried all combinations of grabbing the existing QVTKWidget
> RenderWindow, the renderer and the iterator vs creating New RenderWindow,
> renderer, iterator and Setting them via the QWidget methods.
> No combination works - you cannot create a new window, renderer and iterator
> then apply the lot via
> ui->widget->SetRenderWindow(..)
> neither can you grab them all from the widget and modify them via
> ui->widget->GetRenderWindow(..)
> Ideally both of the above methods should be valid ways of modify the
> QVTKWidget, but it seems they are not, once a custom interactor is involved.
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