[vtkusers] Trouble using VTK Widget with QVTK

andyjk andrewkeeling at hotmail.com
Thu Jul 5 09:39:02 EDT 2018

I have created a minimal compilable example complete with CMake file to show
the problem.

Would someone be kind enough to take a look and see if this is a bug or my
error in understanding?

I am trying to run this example 

but using a QT widget to display (QVTKOpenGLWidget).

In the mainwindow.cpp file I have three small sets of comments to remove/use
certain code.

1) Basically, as it stands, it will create a non-QT 'normal' VTK window and
works perfectly

2) By uncommenting a couple of lines as per the code in mainwindow.cpp, I
try to move the renderwindow into the QVTKOpenGLWidget. Depending on which
of the 3 or 4 lines you uncomment/comment, we either get :
a) Nothing - a black screen. Probably due to no valid interactor started
b) The sphere correctly rendered but unable to interact
c) The sphere and a moveable camera, but no polygonalSurfaceContour
functionality (cannot 'draw' on sphere)

Could someone help by running the simple code attached to reproduce the
issue ?



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