[vtkusers] How to save multiple (polydata) objects together with their props into one single file?

normanius juch at zhaw.ch
Mon Feb 26 11:57:53 EST 2018

Let's assume I have multiple vtkPolyDataObjects that together form a
meaningful object. For instance let's picture a snowman that is formed of
three spheres: the trunk, the torso and the head.

Is it possible to save the "assembly" into one single file such that I will
still be able to distinguish between trunk, torso and head when reading in
this object again? Also, I require that appearance properties (color,
transparency, etc.) are stored along with these objects.

I found that multiple poly data objects can be appended into an unstructured
grid, which can be saved into a .vtu file. However, I lose the information
about which part is which. The unstructured grid will be just one object
with three different "pieces", but it does not seem to me that these pieces
can be identified, also no properties can be saved along with the surface

Do I have to define my own "file format", or does something like this
already exist in vtk?

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