[vtkusers] Set number of ticks for labels in vtkCubeAxesActor

Hunor Login hunor.login at gmail.com
Tue Feb 13 11:00:48 EST 2018

Dear Developers,

I was searching for a while, but couldn't find a way to set the number of
ticks for the VTKCubeAxesActor. Basicaly, I would like to show more labels
than the default on a 3d window.

Based on the header files of vtkCubeAxesActor this should be possible:

> * To use this object you must define a bounding box and the camera used
>  * to render the vtkCubeAxesActor. You can optionally turn on/off labels,
>  * ticks, gridlines, and set tick location, number of labels, and text to
>  * use for axis-titles.  A 'corner offset' can also be set.  This allows
>  * the axes to be set partially away from the actual bounding box to
> perhaps
>  * prevent overlap of labels between the various axes.

but based on the sourcecode I don't see how.

Could you please help me out quick. I am pretty sure(hope) that there is
nice command for that.

Thanks for your time and patient,
Your help is appretiated,
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