[vtkusers] ITK Noise removal filter on VTK file

Majid M. Sadeghi majid.msadeghi at yahoo.com
Mon Feb 12 06:27:49 EST 2018

Dear All,
I am using a vtkGDCMImageReader to import 3D DICOM images. Then I adjust the spacing and reslice. After that I can save it as both image data|(vtkXMLImageDataWriter) or polydata(vtkImageDataGeometryFilter).
I want to apply edge preserving noise removal to the data either just after reading images, or after saving as .vtp files.
I have setup ITK and scanned the ITK book, but I have no experience on it. 

Is there any link or example which can guide me on how to perform this? (what type of structure is common between ITK and VTK? Should I perform the filter after saving in VTK or before that? which filter do you suggest for the best speed and perfomance?)
Thanks a lot.

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