[vtkusers] ParaView and VTK course in march and april 2018 in France

Mathieu Westphal mathieu.westphal at kitware.com
Sun Feb 11 23:52:12 EST 2018

Hello VTK and ParaView community

Kitware will be holding VTK/ParaView courses on march and april 2017 in
Lyon, France.

1/ Initial Trainings, VTK on march 13 2018 and ParaView on march 14 2018
Registration and details : VTK
<https://training.kitware.fr/browse/171> and ParaView
User <https://training.kitware.fr/browse/172>

2/ Advanced Trainings, VTK on april 4 2018 and ParaView on april 5 2018.
Registration and details: VTK Advanced
<https://training.kitware.fr/browse/181> and ParaView Advanced

Note that the course will be taught in English unless all atendees speaks
French. If you have any question, please contact us at formations at

Other trainings sessions that you may find interesting (CMake, ITK, 3D
Slicer and OpenCV) are announced here <https://training.kitware.fr/browse>.

Best Regards,

Mathieu Westphal
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