[vtkusers] Parallel pipeline based on vtkConnectivityFilter

Robert Sawko robertsawko at gmail.com
Tue Feb 6 15:34:57 EST 2018

I have written some very basic attempt on the problem, but I am not at all
happy with it. It does works in parallel but there's no real communication and
every process, I think, loads the file which is a redundant operation. Can you
please point me to some example when I could find more or less how to divide up
the work.

The software I am using puts out legacy VTK files. I think the only good
approach is to make one process to read it. Count the number of surfaces with
vtkConnectivityFilter and using vtkThreshold distribute the work to other
processes. Is that even possible in VTK?

Best wishes,
Hats and prisoners
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