[vtkusers] vtkBoxWidget handle size intented behaviour?

Berti Krüger berti_krueger at hotmail.com
Mon Feb 5 05:00:16 EST 2018

Hello Everyone!

I am currently using a vtkBoxWidget in my project (VTK 8.1). After i
created the vtkBoxWidget, the size handles (= vtkSphereActors) have not been
picked yet and are small and nice. 

But, when I resize the vtkBoxWidget (smaller or larger, it doesn't matter) or
simply click on it, the handles get bigger (radius increases) and stay this way.

They sometimes tend to get so large that they are piercing the mesh and
visually adding themselves to it, which is annoying. And they never get smaller
again, sometimes they get even larger.

When i zoom out by large amount and then zoom in again, the handles get normal
( = small) again.

Is this the intented behaviour, and if so, what is the purpose of it or is it a bug ?

Thank you very much in advance.

Berti Krüger

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