[vtkusers] Help with vtkInterpolateDataSetAttributes

David Thompson david.thompson at kitware.com
Thu Dec 20 14:25:10 EST 2018

Hi Andrew,

> The interpolation for point data is working great, I am working on making my script more robust before posting by including cell and global data to the interpolation. I also am interpolating all active data into a vtkMultiBlockDataSetAlgorithm so the end product will behave similarly as a vtkExodusIIReader object.
> Anyway, I can't get the cell data to interpolate. The point data is working fine (change the variable to 'point') to show this result.

It would help to know more about what you hope to accomplish with the interpolation. If you are trying to compare field values (or differences between them) on different meshes, then maybe it would be appropriate as a first pass to use vtkCellCenters to get a location for each cell.

You might also be interested in the vtkProbeFilter for projecting points (whether they are cell centers or original input points) from one dataset to another without writing a Python script that iterates over tuples.


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