[vtkusers] 2D Histogram (or spectrogram) chart

kenichiro yoshimi rccm.kyoshimi at gmail.com
Sat Dec 15 01:14:29 EST 2018


I had a look at this test which you were just looking for:


2018年12月14日(金) 23:57 Mohamed Amine Mzoughi <aminemzoughi at febus-optics.com>:
> Hello,
> I've seen this screenshot of a 2D chart :
> https://www.na-mic.org/wiki/File:VTK-Charts-Histogram2D.png and I didn't
> find the VTK class that allows me to create it. (the original link is :
> https://www.na-mic.org/wiki/2011_Summer_Project_Week_Breakout_Session_VTKCharts).
> Is this chart was removed ? where can I found its source code ?
> Currently I am using a vtkImageActor to display a 2-D color map (or
> spectrogram) but I am struggling with the camera and the scale of the
> actor to make it right (to fit the whole window) and I am drawing the
> axis in another QVTKOpenGL widget managing a 2D scene (vtkAxis - like
> the ParaView Slice View). I am not really comfortable with this solution.
> I don't want to use APIs like QCustomPlot or Qwt because I will have to
> convert my data to use them and this will add another dependency to my
> program.
> I played a little with vtkContextView, vtkContextArea and vtkImageItem
> to display a vtkImageData, but there is no possibility to change the
> color or display a vtkImageData whose point data array has a single
> compnent (it should have 4 components: r,g,b,a).
> Thanks.
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