[vtkusers] vtk.js: Resize rendering window when using vtkGenericRenderWindow

Paul Korir pkorir at ebi.ac.uk
Wed Aug 29 09:46:17 EDT 2018


I'm using the above class and have managed to use it to render some VTP 
files. However, when I place the render window inside a div of 1000 X 
1000px the view is pixelated. I noticed the canvas is set to 300px 
square. I've scoured the API but cannot see how to resize the 
canvas/render window.

Two requests:

1) Any idea when vtk.js will be more fully documented? It's quite hard 
to work with it as is.

2) What is the recommended way to set the size of the canvas/render 
window to fill the space?

Paul K. Korir, PhD
Scientific Programmer

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