[vtkusers] Inherit from vtkPolyDataAlgorithm within python only?

Andrew E. Slaughter andrew.slaughter at inl.gov
Mon Aug 20 10:25:26 EDT 2018

This might help, if you haven't found it already: https://blog.kitware.com/vtkpythonalgorithm-is-great/

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Subject: [vtkusers] Inherit from vtkPolyDataAlgorithm within python only?

Dear all Is it possible to somehow inherit vtkPolyDataAlgorithm from within the python wrapper only? Or in other words: is it possible to mimic a vtkPolyDataAlgorithm entirely within python? I have something like the following in mind:

from my_algo import MyAlgoObj
algo = MyAlgoObj()

# my_algo.py:
import vtk

class MyAlgoObj(vtk.vtkPolyDataAlgorithm):
    def __init__(self):
        # ...
    def RequestData(...):
        # ...

This is certainly against vtk's design objectives. But for my project, it would be the easiest if I can create an algorithm within my python module, without the need to re-build vtk and to re-distribute a forked version of vtk. Best Norman
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