[vtkusers] Orthogonal cross-sections from vtkImageData

Koteswara Rao Ruvva ruvva at yahoo.com
Sun Aug 19 15:18:08 EDT 2018

Hello all,
I need to compute three orthogonal cross-sections thru vtkImageData. I use the following code and it works fine.
        self.sagittal = vtk.vtkImageActor()        self.sagittal.GetMapper().SetInputConnection(self.imageData.GetOutputPort())        self.sagittal.SetDisplayExtent(int(self.nx/2), int(self.nx/2), 0, self.ny, 0, self.nz)
How do I compute cross-sections that are not parallel to coordinate planes and have arbitrary orientation. I tried vtkProbeFilter with planes but I don't get any data back. Please advise.
Thank youRao
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