[vtkusers] paraview and my qt vtk app not working in my second monitor

Talal Albader badertalal at gmail.com
Sun Aug 19 04:14:41 EDT 2018

after long two days i managed to install VTK in msys2  mingw-w64  with qt5
support  and every thing works just fine
however today i connected my 32 inch monitor to my laptop and my VTK
enabled Qt app was not responding   if i just move the app back to the
laptop screen it works normal
to confirm if this is Qt related or VTK related i  started paraview  and
the same it is not working in my second monitor
also i started QGIS as it is qt app but withut vtk controls  and it works
just fine

any idea why this happens, is it related to the graphics card of my laptop,
is there any workaround to overcome this,,    after reaching the point of
seeing nice 3d model inside my Qt app it is very sad to quit using VTK for
this reason

thanks and regards
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