[vtkusers] QVTKWidget in QT GUI freezes other QWidgets

Elvis Stansvik elvis.stansvik at orexplore.com
Tue Oct 17 02:36:35 EDT 2017

Den 13 okt. 2017 12:08 em skrev "bartolomei-luca at virgilio.it" <
bartolomei-luca at virgilio.it>:

Hello everyone!

I have a problem with the QT GUI I am creating. Basically, I have an
interactive QWidget, a QVTKWidget and a "Quit" button.

When I launch my app, I can interact with the QWidget without any problem
(I have a 3D interactive scene, where I can zoom and rotate).
However, as soon as the QVTKWidget becomes "active" (i.e. some function in
my code start using it or if I click on it), both the QWidget and the
QVTKWidget freeze. The app keeps on working, since the "Quit" button works
as it should.

If I have a GUI with either the QWidget or the QVTKWidget (only one of
them) everything works fine. The problem is if I try to include both of
them at the same time.

Do you have any idea why this happens?

I don't have any immediate ideas. It would really help to see a small
example where the problem occurs.

Does it work if you put two of your QWidgets in the application. I mean, if
you remove the QVTKWidget and put another one of your QWidget where it was?


Thanks a lot for you help.

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