[vtkusers] write unstructured grid vtk file to query-able database format

Amine Aboufirass amine.aboufirass at gmail.com
Fri Nov 17 15:40:53 EST 2017


I would like to find out if there is a way to write unstructured grid vtk
files containing scalar, tensor or vector data to any standard database
format. This could be SQLite, JSON or XML for example.

The reason  for this is that I would like to conduct queries on the
*data* contained
in the vtk file. I have no need to create new geometries or select by
frustum for example. I need only basic SQL select-where type functionality
where I can query and extract numerical data based on simple conditions.

I saw that the vtk file contains some SQL readiness but as far as I can
tell the tools are mainly to connect to an SQL database and extract data
from it. I seek to go the other way, namely to start with an unstructured
grid vtk dataset and write *that *into a database.

The following examples look promising


But I have no C++ background and use mainly Python. Furthermore I'm not
sure if the above applies for Unstructured grid data.

Could anyone please enlighten me on this?


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