[vtkusers] vtkLandmarkTransform

hlukeh hlukeh at hotmail.com
Sun Nov 12 00:24:43 EST 2017

I'm trying to find the best fit of a circular set of landmarks lying almost
on a plane to a point cloud. I'm currently using a vtkLandmarkTransform with
the mode set to Rigid Body. This does a good job of matching the two sets of
data, but sometimes the best fit is found with a rotation and translation
when I only want a translation (even if the fit isn't quite as good). 

I see three modes in the landmark transform, Rigid Body, Similarity and
Affine, but all of those include rotation and translation (and scaling for

Does anyone know what transform could be used to match a set of landmarks to
a set of points but limiting the method to translation only? 

Thank you,


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