[vtkusers] concept of visualizing large datasets (no ParaView)

David E DeMarle dave.demarle at kitware.com
Fri Jun 9 09:19:12 EDT 2017

Try this one then. Rendering/Parallel/Testing/Cxx/TestParallelRendering.cxx
Like all tests grep "Command" in the log file to show the command line used
to run it. Like most tests, this one can take a "-I" argument to make it
start the interaction loop rather than rendering once and finishing.

See in the test how each process uses the MPI rank to tell the
polydatamapper what piece it and the pipeline behind it are responsible
for. In this case the sphere source just makes its local section of the
sphere mesh, but in the same way parallel aware readers know what files or
data portions they are responsible for. Regardless of the pipeline, in the
end the vtkCompositedSynchronizedRenderer and Window make sure that all
ranks run at the same time and that, unlike in the other examples you
found, the compositer depth composites the results and gathers them to rank
0 for display.
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