[vtkusers] Project voxel/pixel value onto surface mesh

段新桥 sancho at whu.edu.cn
Tue Jun 6 20:32:04 EDT 2017

HI Kurt,
If the surface is irregular, the voxel projection might be done by kind of 'closest' searching. If so, this could be done by vtkCellLocator whereas the closest facet and the closest intersection point on the facet are both obtained.


At2017-06-06 07:33:55,段新桥sancho at whu.edu.cnwrote:

   I am trying to come up with an efficient way to project voxel values from an image volume to a surface mesh.

Basically I have a triangle surface mesh with normal information, and I want to create a new cell array that is the voxel intensity value closest to the surface mesh in the normal direction.
I am thinking it's kind of like doing an iso-surface but I want image intensities from the image volume based on the location of the surface mesh and then I want to be able to view the image as projected on the surface mesh.

Another way I was thinking of this is texturing the surface with the image intensities based on the closest voxel/pixel to the surface.

Another way I thinking of doing it is using two image volumes vol_1 is the image stack and vol_2 is a signed distance field where I want the pixel intensity of vol_1 at the zero level set of vol_2.

Does anyone have an example or can think a good way to do this?


Kurt Sansom
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