[vtkusers] exporting scene to vrml format

Philippe PhD. David pdavid at scconsultants.com
Wed Feb 22 11:37:41 EST 2017


Nobody faced this situation ? Where the exported objects do no apply the 
SetPosition() et SetOrientation() as in the interactive Window ?

I have a hard to fix this ... Any help is very much welcomed.

Thanks in advance

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Sujet : 	exporting scene to vrml format
Date : 	Thu, 16 Feb 2017 14:31:15 +0100




I am currently trying to export a scene using vtkVRMLExporter() from my 
vtk application.
My scene is built from a set of geometries  which are then moved/rotated 
internally to my application (with user input) using 
vtkAssembly::SetPosition(...) and vtkAssembly::SetOrientation(...)

Unfortunately, the exported scene reports only the initial 
position/orientation of my differents objects. Any suggestions on how to 
take into accounts those move/orientation in the exported scene ? Also 
the view type (surface, wireframe, mesh, opacity) is not correctly 

thanks in advance for help

// my function to export the scene
bool VisualisationVtk::Visualisation::SaveVRML(String^ Filename)
     vtkVRMLExporter *Exporter;

     Exporter= vtkVRMLExporter::New();

     pin_ptr<const wchar_t> wch = PtrToStringChars(Filename);
     char file[256];
     size_t convertedChars = 0;
     size_t  sizeInBytes = ((Filename->Length + 1) * 2);
     wcstombs_s (&convertedChars,file, sizeInBytes,wch, sizeInBytes);

     draw();  // loops on all objects and hide/view update surface/mesh 
view move/rotate upon users requests


     return true;


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