[vtkusers] How to prevent vtkPlotLine3D / vtkChartXYZ near clipping?

awm32@cs awm32 at cs.drexel.edu
Fri Feb 10 10:35:01 EST 2017

VTK version / language — using VTK 7.1 /  C++. 

I’m plotting a number of 2D lines as 3D lines (giving each 2D line a static[1] Z-coordinate), and part of what I need to do is zoom *way* in, so I can compare the different lines. The problem I’m having, is as I zoom in, the lines closet to the side of the XYZChart (the wireframe cube that the lines get plot in) start disappearing — even if I rotate the plot such that at a side view, I’m looking at the line at Z == 8, but when I turn the plot to get a ‘front’ view, that line (and others) will get clipped and I’ll end up looking at, say, the line at Z == 12. 

What can I do to be able to essentially zoom in on the entire graph, rather than just zoom in on the lines themselves?

I tried setting the clipping range on the active camera (tiny number for near, huge number for far), and it didn’t seem to help.


[1] I added this ‘footnote’ because I may have found a slight ‘oddity’ in how vtkPlotLine3D deals with the case that one dimension is static (e.g., only 5). But I’ll post about that later.

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