[vtkusers] Changing level/window in LUT for ImageSlice: Unwanted clipping effects

Sophonet vtk12af6bc42 at kant.sophonet.de
Thu Feb 2 07:10:10 EST 2017

Dear list,

for displaying images, I am using vtkImageResliceMapper. For changing 
the colormap, I set a dedicated color map to the imageSlice's property 
(which is a vtkLookupTable) and tell to use its scalar range:

colorMap_->SetRange(0, 1);


Now, when changing level/window interactively with the mouse, I am 
setting the range in the colorMap via

double minmax[2];
// set values of minmax correctly

The changes are displayed correctly - however, areas in which original 
scalars of the image are clipped, the resulting color is displayed as 
transparent. However, I would like to display the maximum / minimum 
value in the color table.

I have tried using colorMap_->SetAboveRangeColor() and 
colorMap_->SetAboveRangeColorOn() (likewise for ...BelowRange...), with 
no apparent effect.

Any advice?

I am using VTK 7.1.0.



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