[vtkusers] How to control clipping updates when using vtkImplicitPlaneWidget2?

scotsman60 doug at beachmailing.com
Thu Dec 21 20:24:40 EST 2017


I'm using the Python API to VTK and using the vtkImplicitPlaneWidget2 to
control a cutting/clipping plane operating on a vtkUnstructuredGrid.

I add an Observer to respond to "InteractionEvent" events and update the
clipper each time the event fires.

This works great for small models - mouse button down and drag causes the
target to be clipped and displayed "dynamically" while dragging - very cool.

But when then model become large it's not quite so cool...... The clip
operation is taking several seconds and the resulting user experience is
pretty bad. Also, I seem to get two events for each discrete mouse drag....
which is making things even worse

I'd like to trigger a clip update only when the users lets go of the mouse
button after dragging. So,

1) Mouse button down,
2) Drag (see the cutting plane move but no clip should be triggered)
3) Mouse button up - and Clip

But I can only see the single "InteractionEvent" for

Any ideas will be gratefully received.


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