[vtkusers] How to use custom labels

Alexey Pechnikov pechnikov at mobigroup.ru
Sun Dec 17 02:37:00 EST 2017

Ah, I see "Custom Labels" are just static label values list :( Sorry, there
is no documentation and it's not obvious (I googled but with no success). I
have labels like to "9.0295e+6" but it should be 9'029'500 instead.

2017-12-17 13:13 GMT+07:00 Alexey Pechnikov <pechnikov at mobigroup.ru>:

> Is it possible to use custom label format for axis labels? I tried
> different format specifiers (%f, %d, %#f, "%#f" and other) and these don't
> work.
> --
> Best regards, Alexey Pechnikov.

Best regards, Alexey Pechnikov.
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