[vtkusers] Standard human anatomical position

Andras Lasso lasso at queensu.ca
Tue Dec 12 08:40:39 EST 2017

You can grab this one from 3D Slicer (all resource files that we put into Slicer can be used without even attribution):



The model is shaped colored to make it easy to distinguish directions (left/right, up/down, front/back), even when shown in a small size. Color information is stored embedded as scalar data, so you don’t need to load it separately from a texture file.


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Subject: [vtkusers] Standard human anatomical position

I have created a little example to show the various anatomical planes and relate them to coordinate systems using vtkOrientationMarkerWidget. I would like to put  a human body in the standard anatomical position i.e. standing up straight with the body at rest into this view.

Does anyone know of a freely available model I can use that is compliant with VTK licensing?

Thanks in advance,
Andrew Maclean
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