[vtkusers] How to set macOS RPATH or install_name (VTK 8.x)

Michael Jackson mike.jackson at bluequartz.net
Fri Aug 25 08:01:14 EDT 2017

   Just getting back into the VTK scene after a LONG hiatus. I was able to compile VTK, and then import that into my project and successfully link my project to VTK. When I attempt to run my app (mac OS 10.10 .app package) the app crashes because it can not find the VTK libraries. After inspecting the VTK libraries that were built none have an RPATH or absolute path set after I installed them. I searched with CMake for a setting to enable the RPATH on install but I am coming up empty.

What is the recommended way to work with VTK during development? I can run from the command line by export'ing DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH but I'm sure I should have to do this. Or is the recommended way of developing against VTK to have my project use the VTK build directory versus an install directory?

Thanks for any help
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