[vtkusers] Windows 10 does not support Microsoft Video 1

Claus Volko kornicki.entwicklung at chello.at
Fri Aug 25 04:45:33 EDT 2017

Dear fellows,

With Kitware VTK 5.8, when using the functionality to save the action 
that is going on in the window as an AVI file and prompting compressor 
options, the default codec is "Microsoft Video 1". Unfortunately, I 
noticed that when you save an AVI file with this codec, the default 
video player of Windows 10 will not be able to play the video. That's a 
bad thing. However, if I choose another codec from the list, such as 
"Intel IYUV Codec", playback works. That's the good news.

Is there some way to make Kitware VTK 5.8 show only such codecs that 
work with the default video player of Windows 10?

Best regards,
Claus Volko

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