[vtkusers] Using multiple renderer

M. Jordan mjordan at live.at
Tue Aug 22 08:50:15 EDT 2017


I have a set up with two renderer and one renderWindow.

The first renderer (layer = 0)  contains an actor with a complex polydata object. The second renderer (layer=1)
contains various small actors which are updated continuously (they are changing their sizes).

Now I would like to update the second renderer (layer = 1) continuously because it contains dynamic objects.
The second renderer (layer = 0) should be only updated in the case of user interaction.

I used the following code in my update function:




Due to the fact that I call RenderWindow->EraseOff() the "old" actors of the second renderer are still displayed although the "new" actors are already rendered too. But I need this command to keep the complex polydata object visible.

Any idea how to solve this problem?

Thank you!
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