[vtkusers] Render glitch on some computers

Romain LEGUAY romain.leguay at gmail.com
Wed Aug 16 10:22:24 EDT 2017

Hello everyone,

I create a small Qt (5.8 and 5.9) and VTK (7.1.1) application to display some geometries (for example STL files or VTU series).

I have a problem on some computers (a mac pro retina 15" mid-2015 on mac os 10.10.5 (Yosemite) with a graphic cards amd radeon r9 m370x 2048MB): the QVtkWidget is not rendered correctly.

I attach the screen shot of my app. The problem always appears on the main screen of the notebook but not on external monitor.

Is there a way to debug this kind of bugs?

Thank you


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