[vtkusers] Acess functions in custom interactor class

M. Jordan mjordan at live.at
Thu Nov 24 06:54:29 EST 2016

I have a Qt GUI called MainWindow.

I am rendering some 3D objects in the constructor of the MainWindow.
Moreover I declared a custom class of the vtkInteractorStyleTrackballCamera in "MainWindow.cpp" like in this example:

Now I would like to call a function from the MainWindow class in the function "OnLeftButtonDown()" from my custom class of the Interactor.

I tried to inherit the MainWindow class to the custom Interactor class like this:

class customMouseInteractorStyle : public vtkInteractorStyleTrackballCamera, MainWindow

But this doesn't work.

How can I access the functions of the MainWindow there?
Thank you

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