[vtkusers] vtkReslice question

Richard Frank rickfrank at me.com
Tue Nov 22 10:02:19 EST 2016


I have most of everything working for a six DOF re-slice of a 3-D volume with three 2d planes and one 3-D view.

One problem I'm having I can't find a solution for, is that when I change the center of rotation - for instance in the axial plane I just move The center of rotation 10 pixels up and to the right, the slice actor shifts so that the new Center of rotation is moved to the center of the view as well. What I need is for the actor to stay put, for instance as it might do in real life if it were a flat card on a table - that is to rotate about this new center at the position in the view. 

I've tried using the user transform to offset by the Delta between the old and new center. But when I do this the slice stays put but rotates about the old center, which is very confusing. 

There seems to be quite a bit of flexibility at least in terms of the API, but I'm completely baffled by what's going on and have to get my desired result is. I have a complete test project with an MHA file if somebody wants code.

Any help appreciated

Rick Frank

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