[vtkusers] Get all connected components of a vtkPolyData

C P cp.vtk.user at googlemail.com
Mon Nov 14 10:47:40 EST 2016

Dear vtk users,

I would like to extract the connected components of a mesh which is given
as a vtkPolyData object. I know that vtkPolyDataConnectivityFilter is
supposed to do this. But how can I use this filter?

I have to process each component separately. I tried to get the i-th
component of 'my_mesh' as follows:

vtkPolyDataConnectivityFilter* filer = vtkPolyDataConnectivityFilter::New();
vtkPolyData* component = filter->GetOutput();
// process component ....

However, I get the same result, no matter what i I use. I tried with
SetExtractionModeToAllRegions() but it's the same. How should I get the
i-th component?

Thank you,
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